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This past weekend was a good bit of fun and this coming weekend… - Lucid Dreaming [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Ascendant

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[Nov. 3rd, 2004|03:29 am]
The Ascendant
[emotion |nervousnervous]
[sensory |Green Day- Wake Me Up When September Ends]

This past weekend was a good bit of fun and this coming weekend looks to be promising as well.



"Burn your empty rain down on me
Whisper your deathbeat so softly

I left for Ft. Lauderdale around 7 pm. It was a surprising low level stress driving down there, especially considering the day and time. Traffic wasn't too bad and the drivers around me appeared to have at least a modicum of sense. I exited I-95 at SR 84 and started to get kind of nervous. It'd been two months since my last visit to Lauderdale and everything had changed drastically since then. I rolled into the apartment complex and around the back to the building that houses the ex-group's apartment. I parked and took a look around. I didn't see any of the usual cars. Fred was at a party, so of course he wouldn't be here. I ascended the stairs. I knocked on the door and waited for a minute or so. No answer. I went back to my car and read an essay in the book I'm currently working on. After about 15 minutes I got sick of waiting and left to get something to eat. After I ate, I came back and knocked again. Still nothing. I said fuck it and started driving to Gavin's apartment. As I passed Denny's, I glanced over out of curiousity. Lo and behold, Frank's car. I pulled a U and went inside. As I approached the table, a wave of anxiety passed over me. This was about to feel very strange. Everyone knows what's happened and above that, Michelle was sitting right there. I had to force myself over to the table. I pulled up a chair at the closest table and sat down. Frank saw me first and gave me a strange look as I sat down. Conversation followed, during which I cautiously let my guard down. After they all finished eating, we headed back to the apartment. LB rode with me and we talked politics and globalization agenda for a spell. Once we arrived at the apartment, I made sort of a beeline for my ex-computer. I sat and cleaned some stuff out of it, downloaded a few things. Frank and I were sitting outside smoking a cigarette when Brandon got home. I went inside and gave him the candy his mom had bought for him and we had a handshake. I went into Fred and Frank's room with Frank and Brandon to watch the new Magic cards in action. We talked work, music, Magic, computer games, all of that. Sometime here I realized that there was something that didn't feel quite right here. I paid more attention, and it seemed to me that Brandon was having some difficulty looking at me when he was talking to me. Also in there, Michelle came in and started watching the game as well. I told her a couple of amusing incidents that had occured recently. After that I retired back to the computer for a little while longer. Once I deduced that the conversation I had been waiting for with anxiety, anticipation, and a smidge of foreboding, wasn't happening tonight. I said bye to Frank and LB and left. I got over to Gavin's place and he wasn't there. I checked where he told me, retrieved the key, and went inside. His place was pretty nice. After I read Wolverine Legends- Snikt and some random issue of Heavy Metal I felt my stomach growling. I went to Dunkin Donuts and got myself a breakfast sandwich. When I came back, Gavin's bike was there, all the lights in the apartment were on, but no sign of Gavin himself. I went out to my car and set up shop on the trunk. After a couple of minutes, I saw him walking down the street. As he approached I hopped down to say hi to him. We went inside where we conversed on everything from recent events to the election to Halloween. I started to fall asleep as he was folding laundry and didn't attempt to stop myself.


"We are posthuman
and hard-wired

Gavin heads off to work and I wake up several times during the course of the morning to hear The Killers. The only oddity was that every time I would surface from unconsciousness, I heard Mr. Brightside playing. Thinking it strange that I kept waking up during the same song, I just went back to sleep. When I came to around 1 pm, I realized Gavin had put on Mr. Brightside and left it to repeat. We had discussed that very song the previous night, so I presume he thought to make a funny. I laughed, shook my head, and turned it off. I tried to fall back asleep only to have Gavin come back from work a few minutes later. I sat up and shook off my sleep. We talked as I got ready to face the day. Once we decided the day's events, we went over to CD Warehouse to check for CDs. I ended up with a poster, Gavin with three posters, and neither of us bought a thing. We went back to his place to put up the posters and eat some lunch. After we put up the posters we went back out to my car to leave. As we start to pull out, Fred pulls in. We both park our respective cars and go back inside. We conversed for a bit and then headed up to Borders. Gavin bought Interstella 5555 and I re-bought Guns, God, and Government. Fred said he was hungry and asked us if we wanted to smoke, so we went back to Gavin's and lit up. We ate some corndogs, smoked, and watched Interstella 5555. It was badass. After we watched that and The Death Parade we decided to drive up to Uncle Sam's. There I bought a couple of stickers and Gavin bought a Sugizo remix CD and Elysium. We went next door to Tate's and Gavin bought the Terada Portfolio. After a whole day of driving and shopping, we went back to Gavin's so he could get ready for the fetish party. He left for the party. Fred and I headed over to the apartment. We started to watch Napoleon Dynamite, during which Fred fell asleep. Once he was out, Frank and LB asked if I could take them up to Taco Bell. I did and finished Napoleon Dynamite when we returned. After the movie, I retired to the porch for a cig. Frank, Brandon and I sat and talked for a while, then Frank went inside. Michelle came out and here we were. The three people that were assumed to need to converse, and converse we did. We talked about movies, work, games, etc. The lulls in conversation were awkward, at least for me. No one appeared to want to bring up the topic that gave credence to our uneasiness. After about an hour of this, we went inside. I puttered around on Neopets, showing Brandon and Michelle various aspects of the site. It became apparent that they were being polite hosts yet wanted to go to bed, so I said so and left. When I got back to Gavin's, he was passed out and I laid down on the couch. I fell asleep watching crappy music videos on MTV.


"Once I could see
Now I am blind

I woke up to The Velvet Teen, which is always fantastic. Gavin and I went over to the dorms to use the internet, where Fred met us and Trish stopped in on her way to the grocery store. We left the dorms and went back to Gavin's. Fred got into some of his costume and then we drove down to Party City. Gavin bought costume supplies and we drove to Mel's place. Fred got a sword and Mel told us she would call a bit later. We went back to Gavin's and sat around bullshitting for a little while. I went and got something to eat and once we got back, Gavin's face was already looking disgusting. Gavin finished applying his face, threw some latex flesh on his chest, and started helping me with the first stage of my makeup. I did my face and neck myself, and he assisted in putting the red on my arms. After I was thoroughly red, we applied the tempera paint. Gavin hit me up with the hair dryer and I started to crack almost immediately. Fred returned and we waited for Gavin to finish. On the way to Mel's, she called and said she'd just meet us downtown. We went down to Las Olas and waited outside of Revolution. While we were standing there, I looked down and noticed I was standing on a pair of wings. I picked them up and tore some holes in them. I put them on and my costume was complete. Mel, Derek, Natalie, and Arian (dunno how to spell it) met up with us over there and we walked over to Fat Cat's. We stood outside people watching for a bit before Trish and Red came up. Red went inside to dance and look for girls when Shawna walked up. She said hi, we talked a little bit, and we eventually made our way to the bench beneath the stairs by the movie theater. We sat here and had some beers, some pizza, and some laughs as Derek tried his hardest to get into a fight. Apparently that's next to impossible while you're dressed as Edward Scissorhands, though. We saw a girl fight, which was pretty sweet. We left Riverfront as it started to rain a little bit and saw a three car crash. Each car drove off in a different direction like it never happened. We deduced that they must be drunk. Gavin, Fred, and I stopped at Denny's where Gavin and I completely grossed out the two girls sitting at the next table. Gavin was hitting on them and peeling some of the latex skin off of his arm, trying to give it to them. We left there and went back to Gavin's place. I went and took a shower and Gavin went next. Fred only had a bit of makeup around his one eye, so all he had to really do was peel the athletic tape off of himself. Fred bailed out, Gavin and I watched Almost Famous, and we both passed out on the couches.


"Let it show that
I'm not always hiding

I awakened Monday to Gavin watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I sat up and watched it along with him. We watched two episodes and then he had to go to work. I dropped him off and headed over to the apartment. I sat with Fred on the computer and we looked at our bomb ass Halloween pictures. Fred took LB to something or the other, Frank took Michelle to class, and Brandon and I sat out on the porch and coversed. We went in and started watching Friday After Next, but Brandon had a meeting to go to. Frank was back so I shut the movie off and went on the computer again. For most of the rest of the night, Fred and I looked at funny t-shirts and such on the internet. It was obvious to me by this time that the conversation I had been expecting was not to happen and never would. On some small level it upset me, but overall I was so sick of everything relating to that situation that I was somewhat glad it didn't. I know now that I will never hear any answers to my questions and never be addressed on the subject, so fuck it. Whatever. So I said my goodbyes and left. The drive home was boring and I almost fell asleep a couple of times. I hate not having music in my car but my mom thinks she might still have the reciepts and warranty information for the CD player. I sure hope so. I had a lot of fun this past weekend, only slightly marred by the awkward feelings and the deafening silence that resulted from it.