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absinthe + boozecore kids + halo 2 = win [Dec. 1st, 2004|03:30 am]
The Ascendant
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[sensory |Bush- Come Down]

This weekend. It was the bomb shit. So I drive down there groovin' out with my brand spankin' new discman/tape deck combo. I got to Gavin's and Fred was assed out on the couch. I looked around and Gavin was nowhere to be found. I lit up a smoke and stood inside like the rebel that I am. After a few minutes Gavin busts in the door with some Hollywood Video stuff. Fred woke up and we immediately poured our first glasses of absinthe, toasted and took pictures. We drank our first glasses while listening to the CD I'd made Gavin and babbling at each other about the effects. We drank a second glass each and stumbled up to Walgreens. On the way back we were power walking like mad and when I said "hey we're walking really fast" Fred responded with "yeah we should slow down." Yet, we never slowed. As we sat around listening to music and eating potato chips, I attempted to write. My handwriting while on absinthe is 100% illegible. I stared at the scribbles for a few minutes before I went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning with a headache and an upset stomach. I took two Advil, threw up, and took two more Advil. I sat around for a little while and recovered before I woke up Gavin so we could go get some food. Gavin had to work so I drove him up to the mall and went back to his place to chill out for a little while. I drank a bunch of water and eventually headed over to Fred's apartment. I sat basically by myself and played Half-Life 2 on Frank's computer for a good portion of the night. Gavin called Fred and asked if we wanted to go to Arion's apartment for this guy Ryan's birthday party. My second encounter with a shard of the boozecore group was definitely a lot more laid back than my first, on Halloween. We listened to good music, played some Jenga, looked at art and photography books, all while Arion documented the events with his camera. Eventually Fred, Gavin, and I went back to Gavin's, with Mik accompanying us, stone drunk as usual. We all went into Gavin's and poured absinthe. We put on Moulin Rouge and attempted to watch it. I fell asleep about a half an hour into it and that was that.

Sunday I drove Gavin to work again and talked to Mik about playing some Halo 2 a little later. He said alright and I waited at Gavin's for Fred to get there. When he did we went over to Mik's and played some Halo 2. Gavin got back from work and joined in. I was wrecking everybody, as usual. We did that until pretty late and then Gavin and I went over to the dorm computer labs so he could burn a CD for class. While there we called Trish up and she came back to Gavin's with us. We drank absinthe and watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Awesome movie, btw. I drove Trish back to the dorms after the movie and then went back to Gavin's to chill. Gavin and I both passed out pretty much right away.

Monday I woke up, woke Gavin up, went to get some food, and then Fred came over. We played some video games for a while and then Fred had to go pick up LB from work. We were going to just drop him off because Gavin feels like Brandon doesn't want him in their apartment. I asked LB and he said it would be cool and he wouldn't stand for any more bullshit high school drama in his apartment and would squash that shit if it happened (that's how I interpreted it, anyhow). So we went over there and hung out for the night. Gavin and I went back to Gavin's and chiled for a while and then I came back home. It was definitely a fun weekend and methinks I'll have to attend a kickball after all.