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The Ascendant

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Fo Reals?! [May. 8th, 2005|05:32 pm]
The Ascendant
[emotion |amusedamused]
[sensory |Avenged Sevenfold- Chapter Four]

Am I....noooo... I'm not... I'm posting?! Joseph, Mary and the kid I'm actually writing something in this thing. Anyhow. Life has had its usual ups and downs lately, yet it's had more ups than downs. I've finally got my own apartment (a nice one at that), Flossie D and I are on good terms, I have a sweet job, I made some new friends, and I've got even more sweetness lined up on the horizon. Just exacerbated myself from a tumultuous relationship that followed right on the heels of last year's drama. It gets quiet around the apartment sometimes and it feels a bit empty, but for the majority I'm enjoying my space. Relationships bring drama, period. It's a fact of life I'm slowly learning to accept. Emotional baggage is a difficult thing to leave behind. Enough of the emo bullshit though. In the near future I'll be getting a new car, a new TV, a new computer, and some furniture, in that order. I probably should get some furniture after the car to put the new TV and computer on, but I want those things more than I want a place besides the floor where I can set them. I've got to get back down to Ft Lauderdale for a visit one of these days. I think I can finally let go of my hang ups with a few members of the old group. We'll see. One of the new people I met at work is an inspiration. He's 7 years my senior and still dressing and representing however he pleases. It's nice to know that these people telling me to grow up and start wearing fucking khakis and all that shit have no real argument. I was starting to listen, too. Blegh. This other guy I met through my sisters is lving proof that marijuana does not make a person lazy and/or irresponsible. The guy works 40-60 hrs a week making big bucks, goes to school full time with a double major, AND smokes like 6-10 bowls of crip a day. Those around me these days have reaffirmed that one does not need to turn to religion to be happy or successful. Funny that the same people telling me to grow up are the same ones trying to turn me into a brainwashed Jesus whore. Gah. It's Mother's Day and I'm about to go on the boat and listen to some Bob Marley. Arcothandria out.